Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To Make Money To Make Money

Attempting to make money online for the first time, can be a very interesting time in ones life. The first few weeks on the work from home journey usually end up being a roller coaster of emotions. There's always a lot of hope, excitement, and optimism when first starting out, but sadly, most aspiring home business owners are hit with a quick reality check.

That reality check is usually the realization that making money online is not easy. Contrary to what most courses and programs would have you believe, your probably not going to strike it rich over night. There's a ton of stuff to learn, and deciding which route to take to accomplish your Internet income goals, can be a very challenging task. One of the common issues early in the going of most Internet marketing careers is not knowing what to sell. Most people starting out won't have their own product or service to offer which usually nudges them into some of the standard make money online methods like;
  • Trying affiliate marketing
  • Creating niche websites
  • And some people will try too much at once, and end up learning forever
While no one can argue those methods not only work, but can be very profitable, they do take a lot of time. Those “staple methods” are not suited for beginners, there's a lot to learn before you can be successful, and plenty of trial and error is necessary before one can be truly successful. Before you can make any substantial income from those methods you'll first need to accomplish some time consuming and potentially very tedious work which includes;
  • Niche (market) research
  • Niche (market) Selection
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword selection
  • You'll have to build a website
  • Finally you'll need to drive traffic to that website
  • & convert that traffic into leads for your email list
That list is the reality check I spoke about early in this article. The reality check is, its going to take a lot of time, and a lot of hard work before you can label yourself a successful Internet entrepreneur.

Sadly, most people that get online in search of an Internet income are searching out of necessity and don't have that much time to put into it. Unfortunately, that's also where most work from home dreams end, and I honestly believe it's that “reality check” that's responsible for the ridiculous failure rate among aspiring online entrepreneurs.

So what's the point of this article?
The point is, if you plan on trying your luck at working from home, plan on spending long hours, working hard, and staying 100% committed. Try not to rush into complex methods like affiliate marketing or Google adsense just because they seem easy. If your going to beat the odds and actually become a success online, you must pick one strategy and stick to it, don't jump around, because when we're always learning, we're never earning.

If you can manage to stay focused and remain on the one path that leads to what ever your goals may be, you can make a very comfortable living from home sweet home. If your not duped into believing this is going to be easy and you'll be rich by Friday, the "reality check" that it won't be easy and will take time won't hurt as much...

If your looking for a method you can use to start making money without first needing a website, traffic, or an email list you should read this free report "Simple Novice Profits"...

Even with that free report, you still will have to work the system in order for the system to work for you, but it will at least put you on the fast track to start making money as soon as possible...

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get Paid To Take Surveys... Its True...

When I first got online for the search of extra cash, the opportunities I noticed most were definitely paid surveys. I went through so many offers to get paid to take surveys, some free, and some I paid for and they all had the same thing in common, none worked.

I spent about 3 months looking for a paid survey program that actually paid cash with no luck. Every paid survey program I paid for wound up being a waste of money, and every free paid survey program wound up being a waste of time.

I eventually gave up on my hunt to get paid to take surveys about 10 weeks after I began looking it was 10 weeks of disappointment because none worked. The free paid survey programs only paid bonus points or sweepstakes entries, and the paid survey programs I paid to join, paid cash, but there was never enough survey offers to make any real cash.

I began blogging online in hopes to make some money with Google Adsense, or affiliate marketing, and while it was a ton of work, it actually worked. I officially gave up on my hopes of getting paid to take surveys, and a lot of my blog posts were warnings to people just starting out, to just stay away from paid survey programs all together.

A few weeks ago, I kept hearing about a paid survey program, on forums, and from reading blogs and articles, that supposedly, actually worked. Not only worked, but it was free, and people were actually making good money with it. Full time income, from a paid survey program, you know I had to check this out for myself. I knew they existed, but I though for sure, when I finally did find a paid survey program that paid cash, I’d definitely have to pay money to access the program.

To my very pleasant surprise, I was wrong, this paid surveys program I’ve heard so many good things about was actually free. I was already doubting the fact that it would work at all, and when I heard it was free, then I really thought it was just going to be another disappointment, yet another “get paid to take surveys” program that had no chance of making me any decent money.

Just out of curiosity, I joined on a Monday morning, I figured it was free, so I had nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. By Monday night, I had made 76$. I know, not a lot of money, but 76$ a day, for an hour or 2 of work, from the comfort of your own home is not bad. That’s 532$ a week and over 2,000$ dollars a month.

So if you were to ask me about paid survey programs online a week ago, I would have told you to forget about it, just start looking for a different way to make money online. If you ask me today, I’d say, “YES! You can get paid to take surveys online, and you can make a living doing it”. If you’re serious about making money from home, and you’d like to get paid to take surveys, you should go and join for free right now.

In closing, I’d like to issue one warning, NEVER pay to access paid surveys, you can indeed get paid to take surveys, and you can do it for free.

Resource Box:
Joe Diamoro

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You CAN Make Money With Free Paid Surveys... Don't Belive Me? - Keep Reading...

When it comes to making money online there's usually 2 types of people. The people looking to replace their full time income online, and the people just looking to make quick cash, quick cash free online. Me personally, I'm looking to build a business and never commute to work again. But I have a lot of visitors, customers, subscribers, and friends that really just want to make quick cash.

The most popular request among the "Quick Cash Folks" is Paid Survey's. Making money online with Paid Surveys can be a bit of a challenge. Finding programs that actual pay cash is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Most programs make you pay for a membership, and then only offer Bonus Points or Sweepstakes entries as pay for your Survey completions.

These are not "Paid Surveys" then are they?

I say no, but that doesn't matter. Misleading Paid Survey programs will always be part of the Internet. So I decided to do a short post dedicated to - Paid Survey Review.

This way perhaps you can dig through the crap a little faster...

There's 1000's of Paid Survey Programs Online, sadly I've tried about 100 and I found 2, yea, just 2 legitimate Paid Survey Programs that actually pay cash, yes real cash. Thats pretty sad isn't it, 2?

Ok the first one is "GlobalTestMarket", of course its 100% free, please never pay to access paid surveys. They pay the best by far.

The second is MySurvey this program gives you "rewards" for survey completions. Those "rewards" can be converted to merchandise, or cash that can go straight to your paypal account, or come as a check in the mail. They have an unlimited amount of survey opportunities. My View, also, pays cash, but Global Test Market seems to pay more per survey.

I know, people 'write stuff' all the time, why should you believe me?

I wouldn't go through the trouble of Blogging about, or designing a page on my site about, a program, if I didn't know for a fact it worked. You can see the page on my site HERE.

If your looking to start an Internet business, or take your business to the web, THIS PAGE is an absolute MUST read!

Thanks For Reading,

Joe D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Make Money Today - Easy Cash System - Join Free

I know of a clever little income strategy at a clever little website. You can join for free, which also means it's a risk free opportunity - as well as being "clever".

So what is this income strategy all about?

The strategy uses 'freebie incentive sights' very systematically in order to turn a profit. Not only is it an easy method of earning money online, most new comers make money in their first hour. While there are some people that have replaced their job with this method, I don't think it's a good idea to go in with that plan. A realistic income goal would be 3750.00 +per month.

Bottom line it's a great way to earn some extra spending cash. While there is no hope of getting rich, this is a great place to join for free, and earn cash now. In fact their so confident in their system they give a very bold guarantee. They have a quick start step by step program to get your first 50.00 in your pocket fast.

The guarantee...

If you follow the step by step directions in the fast first 50.00 training guide and don't make 50.00 they will pay you 100.00.

Now that's confidence in the ease of a system.

Remember, when a system is free to join, you can't lose, so if you've been trying to make money on line for any amount of time with out much success, this should be a now brainer.

Go Join FREE Right Now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

An Affiliate Marketing Plan

Before you can draw up an effective Affiliate Marketing Plan, you have to figure out what type of Affiliate you'd like to be. Yes I know, we all would love to be Super Affiliates, but there are many different avenues of Affiliate Marketing...

So called Affiliate Marketing secrets are only going to get you so far. All the Affiliate Marketing tips and strategies in the world, alone, will not make you a successful Affiliate marketer. If you do indeed aspire to be a successful Affiliate, your going to need and Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Firstly lets give 3 examples of Affiliate Marketing opportunities: (there is more)
  1. Clickbank, promoting only digital products for rather high commssions.
  2. Amazon, promoting physical products for smaller commissions.
  3. CPA, which is cost-per-action, with CPA, your paid when a visitor sent by you takes an action, and action could be as simple as submitting their name and email, or as difficult as 3 page forms.

Clickbank - is a huge network, 1000's of vendors and 1000's of Affiliates. Clickbank only deals in digital products which are usually available immeadiately via download. If you'd like to go the Clickbank route, I'll give you a priceless Affiliate Marketing Tip, build an email list. The best part about Clickbank would have to be the huge commissions which can be as high as 80%. Believe it or not, some vendors are willing to give their Affiliates 100% commission, because they have up sells, or what ever the reason. However, the average Affiliate commission at Clickbank is around 50%.

Amazon - is beyond huge they sell just about anything you can think of. It's all physical products from 20 page books to I-Pads. Surely you know of a new product that will, or is already selling well. Well, sign up for an Amazon account and you can promote it yourself. At Amazon sadly, the commissions are much lower.

CPA - Affiliate Marketing is my favorite. In order to become a CPA Affiliate you must be accepted into Affiliaite networks. We'll discuss 2 actions PPL which is pay-per-lead and the more difficult PPS, which is pay-per-sale. Obviously PPS is going to result in higher Affiliate commissions, but it's also going to result in less conversions. Believe it or not, some PPL companies pay as high as 60 dollars for one page form submissions, but the one page forms usually require your visitor to sign up for a free trial which requires a valid credit card number. Some PPL CPA offers only require the visitor to enter their name and email, or sometime just their zip code. Obviously these CPA offers result in less Affiliate Commissions, but convert very well.

There's 1000's of Affiliate Marketing Tips, Affiliate Marketing Secrets, and Affiliate Marketing Strategies, but trust me, All you need to be a successful Affiliate is a solid Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You Building An eMail List?

I wanted to ask you my loyal readers...

Do You Have A Squeeze Page Yet?

Building an email list is key to your Internet success for 2 reasons...

One - if affiliate marketing success is your goal, an email list will surely prove to be your most effective commission generator. Ask any "Super Affiliate" where most of their income comes from and the answer is "My List" 9 times outta 10.

Two - your email list can prove to  be an "Internet Asset", if you ever do decide to call it quits or switch markets, a responsive email list can be sold for A LOT of doe. So if you agree, an email list is a necessity, but haven't started building one yet, then I'd like to ask you, "what are you waiting for"?

You can buy a pro squeeze page, with an ebook to give away on it for less than 10$...

These reseller squeeze page packages come with...
  1. The Give Away Report... (.pdf)
  2. The Full Squeeze Page w/Pro Graphics... 
  3. The Editable Report... (word .doc)
Once you have a quality product to offer as a freebie, whether you create it or buy it, then all you need is a website, and an auto-responder. If you don't have already have an auto-responder, you  WILL NEED one. If the fact that you need a site, and need a service is a turn-off for you, then I'm sorry to say, your not serious about an Internet business.

Trust me, when I say, building an email list is key. If your getting traffic, then don't let it get away. Give that traffic a reason to leave you their contact info, so you can go to them with your future offers. This is Internet Marketing 101.

You can purchase an auto-responder account Here  for just 1$, and it is by far the best auto-responder service online, it's Aweber and the 1$ offer IS limited, so hurry...

I Sincerely Wish You The Best Of Luck! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Cash Or A Job From Home

A lot of people get online looking to make some quick cash, but never actually do. Unfortunately for everyone, all of the quick cash systems that actually work, are buried under useless opportunities and scams. Well, these quick cash systems do exist, and they don't have to cost you anything, but back to the quick cash in a moment...

Additionally, a lot of folks, just want a typical 9 to 5 type job, they can do from home. Again, these type of work from home jobs are not easy to find. In fact, most of these sites actually charge a fee, before you can even apply for online jobs. I know it's backwards, you get paid to work, you don't pay to work.

So, I set up a page on my site that has both, a free quick cash system that works, and a legitimate work from home opportunity you don't have to pay to access. One of the most common requests I hear for these 9 to 5 type jobs is data-entry. Data Entry is pretty self-explanatory and seems like an obvious choice for a work at home job.

This is all true, but recent history has shown us, a lot of data-entry opportunities are straight up scams. If you've ever looked for data-entry work online, you've seen the sites, the sites that claim you can make 6 digits doing data-entry, you just need to pay a one time fee of 37 dollars.

If you could make 400k a year, heck, even 100k a year doing data-entry from home, why would 10's of 1000's of people do it for 12 an hour with a 60 minute commute?

Bottom line, when your looking for a job, that can be done from home, make your self a promise. In fact, say it to yourself right now - "I Will Not Pay For A Job, Even If It Is From Home". You stick to that,  and you can't get scammed. I'm talking of course about a job, not a course or a system. Never pay for a job.

So on this page I've mentioned there something for everyone. A quick cash system, it's free to join and you really can make money right away. Also, there is a data-entry data base, sign up for free and your automatically greeted with a couple opportunities. Check the page out, if your just looking for something quick, that you can earn spare cash here and there, your covered. If you'd like a data-entry job you can do from home, your chances are real good at actually getting a job, through this resource.
Go --> Check the page out now.

Thanks For Reading,

Joe D

PS. If your looking to build a business online, you should see this page.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Affiliate Marketing - Don't Believe The Hype -

Affiliate marketing, unfortunately, is a very complex method of earning an Internet income. Affiliate marketing is a very simple business model, it's just so perfect, it seems so easy. There in lies the problem, it's anything but easy. ClickBank has it's little cartoon about Alan, and they do a good job of explaining the process, they also do a great job of making the process seem easy. Add to that, there is so many affiliate marketing courses also pushing this little white lie that anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer.

This, couldn't be further from the truth. Step one, is figuring out exactly what to promote as an affiliate. This step alone, when done correctly, is a lot of work. You must, figure whats selling, through lots of research, you must figure out how its selling, through more research, and as if that wasn't enough, you have to figure out how to get traffic, and where to send that traffic, through even more research.

The Internet is forever changing, so the research must never stop. You have to stay ahead of the curve if you really want to be a successful affiliate. There's literally hundreds of affiliate marketing courses and memberships on sites just like ClickBank, and 90 percent of these courses and memberships use the "affiliate marketing is easy" notion as bait. If affiliate marketing was easy, no one would work a 9 to 5. The sooner you accept the fact that affiliate marketing will not only be hard work, but it will be a lot of work, the sooner you'll adopt the correct state of mind. The state of mind it's going to take in order to be a successful affiliate.

Once you've adopted the correct state of mind, the next step is niche research. Niche research is basically figuring out which market is going to be most lucrative. It's also smart to chose a niche you have some interest in. Already having some of the necessary information, will save you some research time. Before you can pick what actual products your going to promote, you have to make sure your in a niche that not only has enough potential buyers, but also doesn't too much competition.

The best way to go about determining buyer potential and competition is through keyword research. Keyword research can be not only long winded, but also some what tedious. Google has a free keyword tool that will help with this process. The key is to find the keywords that are getting enough searches, while still not having too much competition.

Once you've found the keywords that fit the standard, then you can chose your method of promotion. Again, finding out the best way to promote the products you've chosen based on your niche and keyword research, is another complex method.


Before you go and spend hundreds of dollars on the next affiliate marketing course, it's important you learn the process and test the waters. There's plenty of free information out there to get you started, once you understand the basics, and you've accepted the fact that it won't be easy, your ready to try your luck at affiliate marketing.

Good luck,

Joe D. (actually written by my wife Tracy Diamoro)

Free Affiliate Guide ** Free Affiliate Software

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Internet Marketing News (Personal)

My Journey...

Well, it's been a roller coaster ride, that's for sure. However, I'm proud to say the light bulb has gone on, and there's a light at the end of the information tunnel. Even though I knew, the Internet marketing/learn Internet marketing niche was one of the most competitive, I still chose it for 3 reasons.

  1. I'm very interested in it, which makes writing and some what boring tasks tolerable.
  2. I figure if I can brake the ice in this niche, I should be able to do even better in a smaller one.
  3. I knew this niche would give me a lot of practice analyzing my competition, which I'm starting to see, is a great skill to have.
As of this moment I have not created a product, I've been strictly affiliate marketing, and building a list. I have failed before at IM in the past, but I took a lot of valuable lessons from that experience. Number one being, "If Your Going To Do The Affiliate Marketing Thing, In ANY Niche, Build A List"!

Ask any 'Super Affiliate' where most of their sales come from and the answer is always the same, "my email list". As I've mentioned in the Affiliate Tips post's below, linking straight to a sales page is like pin the tail on the donkey. Your blind and dizzy, but once in a blue moon you actually get the donkey's ass. Your much better off pre-selling your potential buyer on a landing page, or better yet marketing your products to them through a series of emails.

Now this is auto-pilot money, and whats better than that?

You have your emails pre-written and in auto-responder software. As your visitors sign up to your list for what ever it is your offering on your squeeze page, (free report/newsletter) the emails automatically are emailed. Aweber is the best in the business when it comes to auto-responder service, and for a limited time you can sign up for 1$ dollar through this link.

If your already getting traffic, that's great, but once they leave they may never be back. Drive your traffic to a squeeze/capture page and they can't get away. In fact, now you can go to them with your offers.

I don't know if I had the knowledge last time and just couldn't make it work for whatever reason, or building my email list is the real difference. As far as sales are concerned, I just checked and 73% of my sales/conversions have come from my newsletter subscribers. As I said, the journey through the sea of information that is Internet marketing sunk me once, but when I found myself with my back against the wall, some how I made it. You can too, just know that:
  • you WILL bust your hump
  • there WILL be some trial and error
  • there WILL be a lot of do-overs
  • there WILL be some frustration
  • And you may even lose some money
But, wouldn't all of the above be so worth it?

To work from home, no one to answer to, while still providing a lifestyle for you and your family that you can be proud of. Potentially cutting your commute down from 20 miles to 20 steps. Every time the frustration starts to get the better of me, and I'm on the verge of ripping my hair out, I think of those goals, take a deep breath and focus. It's been working, and I'm a better affiliate, and a better Internet marketer as a whole because of it.

I honestly belive any new Internet marketer, or even intermediate Internet marketers that have started off on the wrong foot (Which I Have) can benefit from subscribing to this blog or my newsletter.

Thanks for reading,

Joe Diamoro

 Free IM Software

Free Internet Marketing Software

Neither Internet marketing, nor affiliate marketing is  easy, contrary to what you've most likely heard. The research that's necessary can be a very time consuming challenge to say the least. It is for this reason, you must have the right Internet marketing tools if your going to be a success. I've managed to find, 3. 3 free Internet marketing tool that can drastically reduce your work load.
  1. CB Surge - Free Clickbank analytics and research tool.
  2. Article Submitter - Free article submission software
  3. PPC Web Spy - Free Adwords Keyword Spy

Clickbank Surge

Clickbank surge is pretty new affiliate software. Figuring out what products to promote on clickbank can be a challenge. Clickbank Surge makes this process a lot easier. You don't have to play guessing games by using Clickbanks confusing gravity stat, and you can actually put your affiliate link on products in the market place. This free Internet marketing software was created by Matt and Brad Callen. Brad Callen is the creator of all the best Internet marketing tools available today. Article Submitter Article Submitter is obviously, article submission software.

Article Submitter

Now unless your real big into article marketing, the free version of this software won't make you a ton of money anytime soon. With that said, it's still a huge help for a couple of reasons. Once you have your articles saved in the software, and your registered with the directories you can submit your articles to over 20 directories with 2 clicks each. I don't care who you are, thats a huge time saver. Also, maybe the best value your going to get from this software is the amount of backlinks it's going to provide. Search engines love backlinks.

Quick Note: Download this Free Affiliate report, and use it with CB Surge...

PPC Web Spy

PPC Web Spy also has a free version, the free version allows you to see 10 keywords any Adwords advertiser is using for each of their ad's, as well as what those keywords are costing them per click. This is extremely useful if you know of an advertiser or website making a lot of money, because with PPC Web Spy, you can now target the same keywords they are.

Obviously, all of this free Internet marketing software has paid upgrades. No one in their right mind would give these powerful Internet marketing tools away without the possibility of a return, however, the free versions are very useful in their own right. Just goes to show you the confidence Brad Callen has in his Internet marketing tools.

As I've mentioned, more than once Internet marketing is not easy. Affiliate marketing is not easy, which is why we must take advantage of any help being offered. These are quality tools, guaranteed to drastically decrease your work load while substantially increasing your chance of success.

Most importantly, this software will not take you off course, you can use it to your advantage in so many ways, you can stick to what your doing. Everyone knows how easy it is to takle to much at once. This isn't an ebook that's going to waste 4 weeks you'll never get back.  The software will only make what every your doing, a lot easier, and a whole lot less time consuming. To me, this is a no-brainer, free Internet marketing software that actually has value, why wouldn't you download it?

I've been in the Internet marketing game for about 2 years, and while I don't love to write articles, it's been my most successful method of marketing by far. Your being offered an Internet marketing tool that tells you what to promote, a tool that steals "buyer keywords" from your competition, and a tool to bang out articles written around the keywords, you just stole ethically.

I jumped on the opportunity to download this software, but, it's your choice.

Thanks for reading, this was a long one,

Joe D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Affiliate Marketing Tips - Do's & Please Don'ts

I'm going to keep this short, and Yes I know Dont's is not a word...

First The Dont's...

Please Don't:

  1. As Public Enemy has said - "Don't believe the hype"
  2. Write articles linking directly to an affiliate products sales page.
  3. Make any moves without thoroughly researching.
  4. Spam anyone under any circumstances.
  5. Promote a product or service just because the gravity is high at clickbank.
  6. Use black hat marketing strategies, they never result in residual income.
  7. Go crazy posting links all over the web without some kind of tracking method.
  8. Go straight to adwords or buying traffic without any knowledge of whether or not the offer is converting.
Literally I can go on all day, but I want to keep this post short and to the point. Believe it or not, while most of these "dont's" seem obvious, they are some of the most common mistakes made by new affiliate marketers.

The do's will either rebuttal the don'ts, or explain why their don'ts in the same numerical format.

The Do's...

  1. Getting sucked into the hype of affiliate marketing being easy, is the biggest reason for affiliate marketers failing before they ever get started.
  2. Sure, linking directly to sales pages can work, but it will never work consistently.
  3. Research is king, keywords, competition, conversion rates, click through rates. (ect.) without research your trying to get somewhere on a treadmill. 
  4. You will eventually be caught using SPAM as a method of promotion, unsolicited emails only make people sick.
  5. Clickbanks gravity stat is NOT a research tool, a product can have a gravity of 500, but it could have been 5000 last week. (ie. its not selling or being promoted anymore)
  6. Black hat marketing strategies, when effective, never stay effective long enough for it to be worth it.
  7. Without tracking your efforts your chasing your own tail, track, test, and optimize should be a creed you live and die by.
  8. Put the hard work in early, find out what works and what sells before you start investing money into it. Just because it's working for the Guru on the video course your watching doesn't mean it's going to work for you. In most of those video courses you have no idea whats going on behind the curtain.
For me to say stick to these do and don'ts and you'll be successful would be a bold face lie, they're just guide lines that can greatly improve your chance of being successful.

Good luck to you,

Joe D
Want The Truth?
Free Affiliate Report (good place to start)
Free Affiliate Marketing Software!

Affiliate Marketing Tips - You Must Hear

Usually when someone is providing affiliate marketing tips, their either about their product or a product they're promoting. That is the reason why, most new commers believe they're going to make money fast and easy. That is also why affiliate marketing remains one of the most attractive business ventures online. Both people looking to earn extra income to the aspiring Internet millionaires are usually brainwashed by these false claims of easy profits, before they ever begin. So rather than doing the correct Internet marketing research, available through the honest Internet marketing resources, they're chasing some pipe dream of becoming the next 30 day Internet millionaire making money fast and easy all the way.

News flash, affiliate marketing is probably one of the most complex methods of earning an Internet income. Sure it sounds great, pick a product, and sell it as you would your own, no stocking, no storing, no investment, easy profits. Again, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are 100's of "make money affiliate marketing" courses and programs, and the idea is just to pretty to pass up. This is the main reason, upward of 90% of affiliate marketers fail miserably.

They buy a course, flashy sales page, tells you it's going to take you 7 days to start making money fast and easy. Well, it sounds more reaslistic and honest than the course that said make money today, so they buy it. Only to find out, keyword research, articles, and SEO is hard work, time consuming work. To buy traffic before the offer your promoting has proven to convert, would be like Russian roulete, and now the same sales page that converted the info-seeker into a buyer, has that buyer stuck in the mud mainly because it has filled their head with easy profit promises.

We all see the Ewen Chia's of the world, the real super affiliates, and it seems so obtainable, they are the ones making it seem so obtainable. In there defense it really is easy for them, now, after years of trial and error, sleepless nights, and 100 grey hairs. Figuring out an affiliate marketing system that works is very possible, but if you expect it to be easy, your in for a very rude awakening.

In closing, here is the best affiliate marketing tips anyone can ever give you..

    *It will be hard work...
    *A lot of hard work...
    *A ton of trial and error...
    *Internet marketing research is work that never stops...
    *Prepare yourself for very hard work, complex work...
    *Be strategic, and read real reviews before you buy a product... (Warrior Forum)
    *Stick to one market, one niche, dont move on until your making money...
    *If it was so easy, why would anyone work a 9 to 5?

Trust me, you need to hear that stuff as much as it sucks to hear it. Stick to trusted Internet marketing resources, and always know that in Internet marketing, research and content are king.

For some quality affiliate marketing tips, from an honest Internet marketing resource:

Click Here, the report is totally free, and there is nothing to buy on the page.

Good Luck,

Joey D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New To Internet Marketing

Newbie Syndrome...
I didn't realize I had it, & you can be infected too,

Quick story...

I gave Internet marketing my all a while back, I would have swore I did everything right. I know the hard work was there, the keyword research, the article's/blogs, but the money wasn't coming in. I got a virus on my  computer after about 6 months of frustration and that virus, was the straw that broke the camels back, so I quit...

Now I'm back, and so is my determination. I decided to go through my old
notes to make sure I didn't forget anything and that's when I realized I had
"the Syndrome"all along...

I have 3, 5 subject spiral notebooks full of notes. Every page top to bottom front and back. In all 15 of those subjects (3 books 5 subjects each) there's at least 1 page that says, "STOP, Focus On ONE Thing!". I actually did, for the next page or so, but then the notes go off in a different direction once again.

If it wasn't the next great "as seen on TV" product idea, it was a keyword I thought no one else had thought of. Instead of just trying to get quality traffic to a single page, I'd go off researching new domain names. New product launches, WSO's, I'll try Adwords, I'll try Adsense, I had the Syndrome, bad,  and I had no idea until I saw it my self in ink, in my own notes!

We always read about it, the seasoned IM Vets tell us about it,  but sometimes we have no idea we're doing to many things at once.

Research is a necessary evil, no one can argue that, however, research itself never pays the bills. I'd find a CB product research the keywords, write some articles, set up a squeeze page, but then before giving it enough of a chance, or enough effort I go off on another idea, so it's back to doing research.

When you have 'Newbie Syndrome' all your doing is research, anything you decide to do in order to make money online is going to take a lot of research. If your doing too many things at once, or something new every few days, your doing research 24-7, and because it is hard work, you wonder why your not making money, as you see it, your putting the work in... That's Newbie Syndrome..

Find something that's been done to death, something that Internet marketers are successful with everyday, still. Then devote ALL of your time and energy to that ONE task.

Go back and look through your notes, if your new your probably guilty of this....

Me, I'm in remission, I will slap myself around if I get off course again....

Good luck,

Joe D

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chris Farrell Memberhip Doesn't Work?

Chris Farrell membership doesn't work like most Internet marketing courses. Most Internet marketing courses try to teach a bogus income system that never seems to work for you like it is for the guy on the video.The IM courses that promise to teach the income systems that will "make you money instantly", or "don't require a website" are a total waste of time 99.9% of the time. I've watched product creators on video right in front of my eyes make money with an arbitrage, or affiliate system  "step by step", but it never seems to work as good for me. If they're converting at 25% on the video I only convert at 2 - 4% myself, or if they are getting 100 opt-ins a day with a certain squeeze page, I only seem to get 2 -5 opt-ins.

Do you know why?...

Because, most of these cash systems have been beaten to death already, add to that, most of these products leave out key details, crucial details, and without these details you'll never get the results you witnessed which in turn, are the results that made you buy the product in this first place. (Ironic ain't it) When these "make money today" systems do work, which is 00.1% of the time, they never work for the long term.

What makes Chris Farrell Membership different, is your learning how to build a web business that will earn you a steady Internet income for years to come. The information is directed mostly towards newbies, and if your one of these guys/gals that are completely computer illiterate, then Chris Farrell Membership is literally your only option. From downloading files and actually finding them, to Html, Chris explains everything in vivid detail and it's all explained on video.

Quick story, I'm doing the Internet Marketing thing about 18 months on and off, for 9 months I bought into the hype and waffled. I have 3, 5 subject spiral note books. Every page top to bottom, back and front is covered in notes and keyword lists. At least once in all 15 of those subjects (3 note books 5 subjects each) there's a page that says "That's it"! pick something and stay with it till you earn money from it! For the next 3 pages of notes, I actually do stick to one task, but then, just like before I notice a new product, or think I though of the next big money keyword, and I'm researching something new all over again. I did this for 9 months, research IS vital to your success, no one can argue that, however, research itself never pays the bills, you must utilize and leverage the information from your research if you actually want to make money. So for 9 months I jumped from one thing to the next, researching, picking keywords, researching those, and then just when I had the information I needed to actually start making money online I'd jump to the next thing.

If that doesn't sound familiar to you, just really think about it, go back in your notes and check your book marks, if your new, your most likely guilty of this at some degree. It wasn't until I joined Chris Farrell that I stuck to one thing and actually built a business. I put my blinders on, and promised myself I wouldn't even look at new products to promote until I started making money by utilizing one task. I tried to forget everything I knew and started with Chris's free video course called 'A Web Business Explained'. This course puts it all into prospective, all the technical mumbo-jumbo, and exactly how a successful long lasting web business is built from the ground up.

I joined  Chris Farrell Membership for less than 5 dollars, 9 months ago. Keep in mind I had to unlearn a bunch of bad habits, so if your brand new it won't even take you 9 months, and now I'm earning enough money online to know, I will never fight traffic, or pay an employers mortgage with my sweat and tears again. Knowing that, is as good, if not, better than the money.

In closing Chris Farrell Membership doesn't work like anything else online, it teaches you exactly how to build a passive web business and steady Internet income, that will last for years to come.

Thanks For Reading,

Joe D - SEO Report

Monday, July 25, 2011

Work At Home FREE - Always Try It Free First

It is possible to begin working at home free. I always suggest trying it free first. Don't pull that credit card out of its holster until you prove to yourself you can make money online. The best place to sign up free and start making money right away is Project Pay Day, but if your looking for an actual home based business, there are better options.

Unfortunately a free home based business is a rarity, but they are out there, and just because a business opportunity doesn't cost you a fortune doesn't mean it's not a real opportunity. For a lot of struggling Internet marketers Internet income is like the holy Grail. Most people know once you figure out a set way to make money online, it's just a matter of ramping it up and making more money online. Starting to make money unfortunately is the hardest part.

Before I unveil the name and location of this free home based business, I must vent. There will never be a perfect business opportunity, we're all cut from a different cloth. Bad systems will always have good reviews and great systems will get bad reviews. How to work from home couldn't possible be explained on ehow.

The key to Internet income is just do it. For well over a year I did nothing but come up with new ideas. Buy a system give it a month and then on to the next thing. I finally started to make money online when I stuck to one thing and just did it. Regardless what idea popped into my head I didn't jot it down. Research is very important, you cant make money online without it, but technically, research it self doesn't pay the bills. Every project starts with research of some kind, if you just keep starting new business opportunities every two weeks, all your ever doing is research!

The free home based business I'm referring to today has some negative reviews, but sign up for free, give it your all, you'll soon see why Partner With Paul has been live for as long as it has. You'll soon see this home based business has a lot to offer. Sign up free, if it's not for you, you've lost nothing.

While Partner With Paul is an actual business opportunity, PPD will earn you Internet income today. This free opportunity also shares mixed reviews but one thing is for sure about Project Pay Day most people earn at least 50 dollars in their very first day. Same deal, go sign up free today, and shed the title of the struggling Internet marketer. Remember a free home based business can be a top home business.

Starting A Home Based Business - Where To Start

When it comes to starting a home based business, figuring out where to start can be a challenge to say the least. The Internet is busting at the seams when it comes to Internet marketing products, and Internet marketing product reviews. While researching an Internet business plan it's safe to assume that you'll be bombarded with outrageous claims of over night riches, private jets, and mansions. These outrageous claims, as radical and unlikely as they may be, are not completely unwarranted. Internet success is very possible with the correct Internet marketing plan, and here's why...

With any business online or off, it's all about getting people to your products or services. If no one sees what your selling, how can anyone buy it.With an offline store or shop your customer base is limited to the amount of walking traffic, or distance potential customers are willing to travel to get there. In other words your customer base will always have a ceiling.When you start a business on the Internet, the potential for customers is virtually infinite, and, those customers can get to your business literally with the click of a button. So if your selling, or even promoting a product or service that is high in demand online, then every single civilized human being in the entire world is your potential customer. Internet marketing success is indeed there for the taking.

However, without the right Internet marketing plan, or more importantly without the right mindset, you will not be an Internet marketing success. I'll say it again, Internet income is there for the taking, and trust me when I say there is enough for everyone. While claims of Internet wealth are very real, the days of striking gold overnight are long gone. The competition is way to high, to get rich tomorrow and choosing the right market is critical to your success. There are tons of systems and info products on the web, and for every one of those systems and products there maybe 100 reviews. You really must sift through a lot of BS, you really need to wear your blinder while not missing too much. It really is crazy out there, but with the right Internet marketing plan, starting a home based business is very possible, Internet marketing success is there for the taking.

The key is make a decision and stick with it, chose a market or niche and don't give up on it. I spent 18 months coming up with new ideas, researching new keywords, and getting nothing done. If your a complete newbie, believe it or not you maybe at an advantage because I had to unlearn a ton of bad habits before I made any progress.

If your really lost when it comes to the technical side of the whole thing then you only have one option. I only know of one man that can get a complete techno-phobe like myself building websites and setting up auto-responder series and that man is Chris Farrell, please check out his FREE video course called "A Web Business Explained" by clicking here. This video will take you through the very tedious, yet very necessary technical aspects of Internet marketing.

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